Bridges for life

The access to the newly created islands on the river March should be possible also after the reconnection of side arms. For this purpose, Johannes Roither has taken over the planning for the design for approval by the competent water authorities of two bridge structures. During the construction work, our two employees, Johannes Roither and Arnold Putz, carried out the local construction supervision respectively the construction site coordination – the Wolfsinsel and the island at the Alte Zipf can be easily reached and continuously be managed.

The wooden bridge on the Alte Zipf is now completed and already drivable, the corrugated steel structure on the arm of the Wolfsinsel will be inaugurate in calendar week 12 2018. The integration of the bridges into the landscape at the March was very successful.

Client: via donau
Structure planning: RWT plus
Construction: : Schullerbau und Transport GmbH, D2 Duscheck & Dueschek GmbH