INGEMAR takes the natural hazard management to a new level

Natural hazards represent a special challenge for infrastructure companies in alpine areas. This is mainly due to the different time courses and impact areas. Therefore, it is all the more difficult for operators to deal with and prepare for natural hazard processes. ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG is responsible for the maintenance and hazard protection of railway infrastructure throughout Austria. Due to this vastness, it is practically impossible to carry out continuous, area-wide observation and assessment by experts. Nevertheless, it is necessary to seriously assess all natural hazard processes in order to recognise natural events in time and to be able to take adequate measures to protect infrastructure and people from natural events. INGEMAR aims to achieve exactly that.

By combining forecasts, technical measures and local knowledge, an intelligent natural hazard management and risk assessment system for alpine infrastructures is created.

In this ffg-funded project RIOCOM cooperates with Lo.La Peak Solutions GmbH and the University of Innsbruck – Institute of Geography. Further information can be found here: