Finalization of the documents for the Thaya middle and upper reaches

On Oct. 8, 2021, the documents for the special disaster control plan for Thaya floods were handed over to the 24 municipalities of the two water boards. After several years of processing, extensive basic data are now available for the preparation for and the organized processing of flood and flashflood- related emergency operations.

For the entire project area of more than 2,600 km², about 4,200 hazard maps and emergency maps as well as 1,400 3D animations were created:

  • In detail, these are a total of 140 hazard and emergency maps for river floods, 164 hazard and emergency maps for failure scenarios of dams and retention structures, 1,060 maps of the main flow paths of flash floods during heavy rainfall, and 2,856 detail sheets for the flash flood maps.
  • In addition, the 3D animations on pond and retention basin failure scenarios and heavy rainfall hazard areas will also assist local disaster management authorities in informing and raising awareness among the public.

The ceremonial handover was made by politician Stefan Pernkopf, whose appeal for the population to take their own precautions to reduce damage after heavy rainfall events was very much in the spirit of the special disaster control plans that had been drawn up.

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