Between 1936 and 1984, the riverscape of the March was profoundly changed. The course of the river was straightened and shortened about 11 km. The objectives of this regulation were to gain agricultural space and to fix the country’s border. Loops and tributaries were cut off and water could be bundled in the channeled river.

Within the LIFE project, we connect the March with its floodplain again. Water bodies in the wetlands, riverside forrest and wetland meadow were supplied with water. Habitat will be created for seldom fish and bird species. The March regains a part of its initial riverscape.

The renaturation will be done along 25 kilometers upstream.
RIOCOM guides the large team of engineers and ecologists. We also support the coordination between Austria and Slovakia.

Competence Area

River Renaturation


Permit application design, tender

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In collaboration with

blattfisch e.u.
Thomas Zuna-Kratky
WWF Austria
Landesfischereiverband Lower Austria


District of Gaenserndorf, Lower Austria


Planning 2014 to 2016