Where do we want to go? We as RIOCOM? We as an innovative engineering office?

We have worked intensively on these questions in 2014. We invested a lot of time and energy into listening deeply to our inner voices, analyzing and discussing. A VISION has grown, has made us grow and has evolved into a clear picture of a future that we are joyfully and resolutely approaching.

But how does this work in the dense daily work routine? How do we manage to not only dream, but also anchoring our vision in the everyday life?

We have defined topics on which we are working specifically to approach our future image step by step.  Responsibilities to deal with the topics, to push the works and to implement concrete steps have been distributed throughout the entire team.

In order to keep us up to date and everyone at RIOCOM supports the implementation of the vision, we meet once a month to exchange ideas, to ask questions and to discuss issues. And, of course, this goes best with good food – namely in the Viennese tradition of coffee and cakes!