… and a two-kilometer side arm will be created

In the course of extensive regulations, several side arms of the March have been completely separated from the March in the past century – with all negative consequences for the once dynamic river landscape. Therefore, in the fall and winter of 2017, a total of 5.3 kilometers of side arms were re-connected to the river – click here.

No work has been carried out to protect breeding birds and fish in the spring of 2018, but the excavators have been allowed to roll again since August. Currently, a 2 kilometers long side arm is restored in the municipality of Marchegg – the Lange Luss. In autumn, the Maritz – a several-kilometer-long trench system in the Lower March floodplains – will be restored.

RIOCOM has already carried out the submission and execution planning of this beautiful project. The local construction supervision and construction site coordination of the work in 2017 have also been taken over by our employees. We are pleased that our two employees, Johannes Roither and Nicolas Fischer, manage the construction work in 2018. The successful and good implementation of the river restoration is particularly important to us.

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