We are allowed to prove our competence on the Danube twice

We got the good news to plan the two big re-connections of side arms at the river Danube.
In the first project “Re-connection of side arms at Spittelauer Arm”, a side arm with a length of 4 km is to be connected dynamically again and made uniform for fish.
The second project “Re-connection of side arms and river bank renaturation at Haslau-Regelsbrunn” is even more complex: Besides a river bank renaturation of 3,9 km length and a re-connection of side arms of 10 km length, also the different interests along the river have to be considered to create an integral project.

In order to master this task, RIOCOM works together with the following specialists:

Client: via donau – Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH

We look forward to the interesting work on the DONAU!