Implementation status of flood risk management plans in Syria

The 1st cycle of flood risk management planning is coming to an end and it was time to look back. How far has the implementation of the first flood risk management plans progressed?

On behalf of the Regional Government of Styria – Department 14 Water Management, Resources and Sustainability, RIOCOM surveyed the implementation status of the flood risk management plans for all 55 areas of potential significant flood risk in Styria.

Within the scope of the project the survey was designed as well as carried out. The aim was to proceed systematically and efficiently and to work out the implementation status of the flood risk management plans.

Various technical authorities at the state level (water management, spatial planning, regional development, disaster protection, etc.), the representatives of all district managements, the torrent and avalanche control and the city of Graz were involved in the survey.

The results can be used for the evaluation of the flood risk management plans required by the EU. At the same time, a good basis for developing the new flood risk management plans (2nd cycle 2021 – 2027) was created in Styria.