We are part of the exhibition!

The landscape conservation area Ybbs-Forstheide with its extensive pine forests is a natural treasure in the surroundings of the city of Amstetten. It provides habitat for many rare animal and plant species and is a popular recreational area.

RIOCOM is actively contributing to the restoration of the meandering river landscape through two river renaturation projects at the rivers Ybbs and Url. In such a sensitive area, it is important to use special intuition for the planning process, taking all interests into account.

In the exhibition the importance of the natural environment for the whole society is presented. For this purpose, history, science, technology, actionism and art initiate a “pictorial dialogue”. On the second floor you will find panels and a banner designed by RIOCOM about the topic of technology & science.

A visit is worthwhile, as the pictures show.

  • Location: Schloss Ulmerfeld, Burgweg 1, 3363 Ulmerfeld-Hausmening bei Amstetten
  • Duration: February 23 – June 03, 2018