People meet when eating together

Not only the pure food intake is celebrated, also, people talk – usually quite a lot, at least during lunch in the office of RIOCOM. We would like to briefly present how this has a positive impact on our work.

Shortly before noon you can feel a slight nervousness in the office. The sugar level of the employees is falling, sometimes you hear a stomach snarling. Somebody starts and asks the question of all questions: ‘Was Rita already here?’. ‘Rita bringt‘s’ it is a delivery service for vegetarian lunches made from organic ingredients in Vienna, delivered by bike couriers and currently the main source for lunch of RIOCOM employees.

Once the delivery has arrived, everyone comes together around the large table in the kitchen. Competencies in the field of coordination and organization are required when it comes to the warming order of the food. When lining up in front of the microwave and while chopping vegetarian patties or during the final coffee, we talk about God, the world and personal issues. And at the same time, almost without noticing it

  • important news of the company get exchanged,
  • support for projects is given,
  • computer problems are solved, and overall
  • the team structure is strengthened.

Thanks to replenished energy reserves, the work in the afternoon is tackled enthusiastically.