A model for the assessment of flood damages

Flood events repeatedly cause damage amounting to millions. In order to further reduce these monetary damages and to select suitable measures, the province of Upper Austria – Department of Water Management is trying to automatically evaluate the damage potential in a new approach based on the increase of buildings in flood areas. The province of Upper Austria is acting within the framework of its legal task, the analysis of water management development.

RIOCOM, together with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), has developed a method which allows to automatically identify (on the basis of existing digital data) the damage to be expected. At the same time, an algorithm is used to evaluate measures proposed in the flood risk management plan that are suitable for preventing or reducing damages to buildings.

This method has now been automatically applied across all Upper Austrian flood risk areas of the flood risk management plan. The most important findings were presented to the communities and compiled and sent in a community-specific profile.