Start of the tender planning for the LIFE + project ‘Lower March Floodplain’

Since fall 2014, RIOCOM is working intensively on the EU-funded project  ‘Lower March Floodplain’. The project aims to reconnect the straightened March over a length of 25 km with its floodplain. In doing so, a part of the initial river landscape will be handed back to the river and a new habitat for endangered animal and plant species is created.

Now, a milestone in the project was achieved – almost all permits for the renaturation measures are available. The last approval is expected the coming weeks.

There is still a lot of work to do to achieve the project goal.
Hence, RIOCOM started the tender planning with plenty of enthusiasm. In this process, the most recent tender software “LB-VI 04 – Module Water Management” is being used. The preliminary soil tests have already been carried out.

The further time schedule provides

  • the publication of the tendering for the beginning of the next year, and
  • the start of the implementation of the measures for summer 2017.

You want to know more about the project? Please visit the website www.life-march.at.