RIOCOM uses the program Auer Success.6 for the tendering of construction works in combination with the ‘specification of works for transport and infrastructure – version 04 (LB-VI 04)’. In order to be able to use the very comprehensive LB-VI 04 in practice, our employee, Johannes Roither, participated in the FSV seminar ‘LB-VI Version 4 Module Water Management’ in Linz on 22 June 2016.

The following questions were answered in the seminar:

  • How can various underground engineering disciplines (such as river engineering, landscaping, tunnel construction, etc.) be presented in the specification of works?
  • How does the module ‘water management’ work?

In addition, support was given for the use of the new specification of works.

With this know-how, tenders can be processed at RIOCOM as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. In combination with Auer Success.6, it is possible to carry out cost estimations in the course of planning work.

Currently, the project Life + ‘Lower March Floodplain’ is in the tendering process – the specification of works is already prepared according to LB-VI 04 – module water management.