Advanced Training in the Fields of Local Construction Supervision and Coordination of Construction Works

In the summer and autumn of 2017 two construction measures are to be implemented on the river March – the large renaturation project Life+ “Lower March Floodplain” and another small hydraulic engineering project on the March.

We want to provide optimal support for the construction works! That is why our two employees, Johannes Roither and Arnold Putz, took part in the ARS – Akademie für Recht, Steuern & Wirtschaft seminar series “Local Construction Supervision” and “Training as Construction Coordinator“. Thus, all requirements imposed by the client can be fulfilled and represented.

The scope of the training includes:

  • Site documentation
  • Austrian Construction Work Coordination Act
  • Safety in construction
  • The blueprint
  • Legal issues in construction
  • Tasks and liability of the Local Construction Supervision
  • Inspection, warning and information obligation
  • The ÖNORM regulation B2110 in the daily construction routine
  • Construction defects

Sommer may come now.