9th Lower Austrian Water Biathlon, June 8th, 2018

We write the 02. June 2017. Even a courageous running performance at 35°C could not correct the mistake at the turn in the barge competition. But 2018 – everything is supposed to get better…

In order to be able to achieve the top ranking targeted for 2018, an in-house selection process was carried out a long time before the event – well, about two weeks before – and an almost inhuman training plan was drawn up. At least a one-time-practice for the barge competition should be possible…

Sooner said than done. It was way too hot for the running-workout. Furthermore it is possible to accomplish a 5 kilometer run even untrained. And paddling? You just have to get everything out of yourself and for the turnaround we will do a video study on Youtube. But the team has at least warmed up very well – by cycling the 15km to Korneuburg at midsummer temperatures.

We don’t know why, but it was quite obvious that our “training” wasn’t good enough, so the team only reached the 19th place out of 46.

But at least “The team, to whom I hereby leave all my private assets” could challenge the moderator a bit more. And next year, we really attack the top 10. Really ..

Our team in 2018: Johannes Roither, Nicolas Fischer und Thomas Huber

Also this year a big thank goes to the organizers of the event for the professional handling, the great ambience and the nice atmosphere.