In the past, heavy precipitation repeatedly led to surface runoff in the urban area of Amstetten, causing flooding and sludge. The construction of flood retention basins along the main streams has largely mitigated this problem, but there is no overall analysis of the catchment areas.

A continuous 3-dimensional terrain model of the municipality Amstetten was created, based on which the software Visdom heavy precipitation and their surface water runoff were numerically simulated. By selecting the relevant scenarios, it was possible to create a comprehensive hazard picture through the presence of sloping waters.

RIOCOM carried out heavy rain modeling for selected precipitation scenarios. The results were tested for relevance as part of a hazard analysis. Essential efforts have been devoted to the appealing visualization of surface runoff.

Competence Area

Simulation and visualization


Numerical modelling

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Municipality of Amstetten

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Amstetten, Lower Austria


2016 until 2017