At 24th of May 2014 surface water runoff occured in parts of Vienna caused by intense rainfall. Along with this there were significant sludge deposits and mechanical effects on residential buildings in the Dennweg area.

A hazard analysis was performed based on numerical simulations of the surface water runoff. In the course of the conception of a protection system several locations for retention measures were evaluated.

RIOCOM assembled the necessary foundations for the intense rain simulation, conducted the analysis of the results of the surface water modeling and based on this an area analysis for the identification of sites for containment measures. Furthermore, a protection concept was developed from simple, robust measures. Finally, the compilation of plan documents for the in-house dissemination of information as well as for presentation to key stakeholders in the district took place.

Competence Area

Flood Protection


Surface water, numerical modelling, hazard analysis, measurement concept

Contracting Purchaser

Municipal authority of the city of Vienna – MA45 Vienna waters

In collaboration with

Geomer (Simulation Software floodarea)


Vienna, Döbling


December 2015 until September 2016