In the field of flood risk management, information about potential damage in floodplains is essential for strategic decisions and planning. Upper Austria aims at regularly analyzing and observing the development of potential damage.

In cooperation with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, a tool which defines the flood affection in a specific area through available data has been developed. By the evaluation of real damage value, a potential damage in the flood area can be derived from the affection. This was done in 19 municipalities in Upper Austria. Additionally, the effectiveness of different measures regarding the potential damage was estimated.

RIOCOM developed methods to identify the damage potential via geographical information systems and a system for the estimation of effectiveness of measures for the reduction of the flood risk.


Competence Area

Risk Management


Development of methods, analysis via geographical information systems

Contracting Purchaser

Regional Government of Upper Austria, Department for Water Law and Environment Law, planning body in water magamenet

In collaboration with

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Institute for Hydrology, Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering



Upper Austria

2014 to 2016