As part of the construction of the Danube crossing on the A26 west of Linz, there will be temporary use of areas of the flood discharge profile as construction sites. During the construction phase, part of the material supply and transport takes place via ships. For this purpose, a temporary ship landing stage will be built. The construction activity is thus directly influenced by possible Danube floods.

In order to be able to clear the potentially threatened parts of the construction sites in time, the creation of a flood alert plan is required.

RIOCOM has compiled specialist basics for the field of hydrology as part of the preparation of the tender documents by ASFINAG.
It was about the assessment of shipping restrictions due to low water, flooding and ice formation. Furthermore, the framework conditions for a functioning flood early warning system were to be examined and analyzes to change the stability of the Danube in the area of the planned ship loading point should be made.

Competence Area

Disaster Reduction


Hydrological analyzes, construction site alarm plan

Contracting Purchaser

ASFINAG Baumanagement GmbH