For the preparation of the Civil Protection Plans Flood, a comprehensive analysis of possible flood risks in the Marchfeld is to be carried out. Due to the size of the area and the variety of relevant scenarios, conventional simulation software products have reached the limits of performance.

The use of the numerical modeling software Visdom enabled the simulation of a large number of dam burst scenarios for different flood events. Visdom also includes defense assessment tools (sandbag dams, big bags, …) and provides detailed visualization directly from the modeling interface.

RIOCOM provided a list of relevant dam failure scenarios for each community. Scenario-wise analysis of the flooding situation enabled possible defensive measures to be defined. These were checked for their effectiveness by means of numerical simulation in Visdom. The resulting 3D visualizations help the field forces to better assess the potential situation in the event of a dam failure.

Competence Area

Simulation, Disaster Reduction


Numerical modeling of dam burst scenarios (with visdom) of HQ300 and HQ1000
Hazard analysis, risk analysis, emergency planning

Contracting Purchaser

Water Association for Civil Protection – Flood – Danube – Marchfeld

In collaboration with



District of Gänserndorf, Lower Austria


October 2016 – current