GE-RM – Focus on flood risk management AND ecological water development

Watercourse development and risk management concepts (GE-RM) are superordinate, interdisciplinary river basin-related planning instruments that enable a holistic, cross-sectoral consideration of all watercourse-relevant aspects. Concrete measures are to be derived in order to achieve the water body-specific objectives. Special focus is put on the minimization of the flood risk while at the same time complying with the water ecological guidelines and objectives.

The GE-RM Pielach is already in the final phase of processing.

GE-RM Danube & Lower Traun

On the basis of a preliminary study, RIOCOM and TB Zauner GmbH are currently reviewing and processing the broad data basis and finalizing the inventory analysis for the Danube section between the Jochenstein power plant and Grein, as well as for the Lower Traun between the Kleinmünchen weir and the water mouth into the Danube.

With regard to the sediment regime, the Danube in this section is exceptional in that there is hardly any bedload transport in the considerated backwater section. The main focus here is on suspended sediment load transport or sedimentation in water storage areas and remobilization during flood events.

Highlights of this GE-RM will be the development of a river maintenance concept and an extensive participation process on Austria’s largest river.

Project completion is planned for November 2021.

GE-RM Enns

The processing area at the river Enns covers the entire catchment area in Styria, from Mandling to Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen.

In the course of the currently ongoing inventory analysis, RIOCOM together with blattfisch e.U. quickly came across the numerous catchment-specific characteristics of the Enns, such as:

  • Geology: border of Limestone Alps to Central Alps, breakthrough through the Gesäuse (different river types), etc.
  • Nature conservation: Gesäuse National Park, nature reserves, Natura-2000 areas, etc.
  • Anthropogenic utilization requirements: winter tourism (water extraction for artificial snowmaking), agriculture (from the middle of the 19th century the Enns was massively shortened and hard-banked) as well as the energy industry (chains of power plants), etc.

These diverse general conditions and demands for the river Enns impressively illustrate the opportunities that arise from the superordinate and integrative approach of the GE-RM Enns.

RIOCOM is proud to be main responsible the develop three of these GE-RM pilot projects!