A format for exchange and coordination

In the daily work routing, there is a fixed point fortnightly – the team meeting. Here, all the employees come together to discuss current topics and projects.

Why is this worth to be a news-message?
We believe that a well-coordinated team that supports each other is the basis for good work. Therefore, we would like to give you a little insight into what happens every second Monday in our office.

The aim is to meet in a relaxed atmosphere. It is all about perceiving each other, to listen to how the colleagues are and where they stand presently. Personal matters are also discussed. It can occur that talks are taking place about favorite films or the activities at the weekend. Teambuilding, as a keyword, is exactly what happens here. But everything is done with clear rules and fixed points in the process. There is a constantly changing moderation and a minute keeper. The guardian of the circle makes sure that the actual conversation theme is not lost of sight.

After all, the focus is on hard facts:

  • What is going on in our projects?
  • What happens within the company?
  • What is needed regarding administration?

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it is also possible to connect the branch office Graz via video conferencing.