Planning of renaturation

The Ybbs has been straightened out in recent decades by regulatory activities and the banks were secured by means of water blocks throughout. These activities have led to a depletion of hydromorphological structures in the river, and valuable habitats for species that are worth protecting have been lost. Due to the decoupling of the river from its foreland, alluvial forests are also negatively influenced by the regulatory measures.

Now, the Ybbs will be renatured in two project sections at the Meerwiese and in the area of the Stiefelmühle. The goal is that the Ybbs can flow freely again and valuable habitats for protected animals and plants emerge. Also in the area around the Meerwiese nature for the population can be experienced

Our employees Johannes Roither, Maria Rath and Thomas Schuster carry out the submission planning of the project. We work closely together with our partners Ulrike Bart (blattfisch), Heidemarie Moser-Sturm and Reinhard Kraus (nattracks).