An important fixed date in our working year!

The RIOCOM team meeting is a time-out from work for us to reflect, for talks and activities together – but also to celebrate.
This year the meeting took place at the Steinschalerhof in the Pielach valley, also called valley of “Dirndl”.

The first day, we deliberately dedicated ourselves to deceleration and enjoyed the hilly landscape of the Pielach valley on a collective hike. In memory of the botanical excursions at University we could identify the famous “Dirndlstauden” (botanical “Cornelian Cherry” or “Yellow Dogwood”) and enjoyed the tasting of regional Dirndl specialties in the evening.

On the second day it really got down to work. We looked back at the last year and forward into the future. What is our current vision for RIOCOM? Where and what for do we want to stand in 2025? What is our mission and how do we describe our values? What do we do, what drives us and how do we achieve the vision?

The intensive team meeting strengthens our team spirit and creates clarity and motivation. We are proud of what we have accomplished and get to work with new energy.