Water for the so called ‘Eisenbahner- and Skoda- Ponds’

The project ‘Restoration of an Old March Branch at Dürnkrut’ was initiated in June 2017. On behalf of the Association of Austrian Workers’ Fishing Associations (VÖAFV), RIOCOM plans hydro-engineering measures to preserve the so called ‘Eisenbahner- and Skoda- Ponds’ from increasing silting and running dry. These parts of a former March meander are located in a Natura 2000 area. Therefore, they have a special significance in terms of nature conversation.

It is scheduled

  • to supply both ponds with the water from the March via pipe culverts including  flap valves on a regular basis
  • to achieve sufficient water depth by dredging

The commitment of the VÖAFV and RIOCOM not only contributes to the improvement of the fish stocks in the old March branches, but also protects habitats in these ecologically valuable areas.