Have you ever thought about the negative consequences of heavy rainfall in your area?

For more than a year, we have been able to make an important contribution, at European Level, to reducing the risk of heavy rainfall. The EU Interreg project RAINMAN has ended and some of our results are now available online. For everyone!

In the course of the project we developed a toolkit to support local authorities in developing emergency response plans to cope with heavy rainfall events. The documents are publicly available on the RAINMAN website. With the help of this toolkit we then created an emergency response plan for selected pilot areas in the city of Graz.

In order to perform a first (fictitious) stress test of the work with the emergency response plan, the fire brigade of Graz organised an operational exercise. In this exercise, a precipitation scenario is assumed and a disaster operation is coordinated. In order to give all interested persons an insight into the operational work, a video was produced which shows the most important steps.

We are very pleased to have been part of this important project and are convinced that our documents will help to reduce the negative consequences of increasingly heavy rainfall.

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Video showing the fire brigade’s operational exercise.