On behalf of the Styrian government, flood discharge studies on rivers are regularly carried out. In the area of the middle Mur, the last studie in which floodplains have been published, was carried out in 1998 and 2001.

At first, the 48 km riverreach of the Mur will be surveyed terrestrially. After that, a 3-dimensional digital terrain model is created. In this terrain model the flood simulations are performed and the results are prepared to reprsent them in graphic maps. The results are used to show the danger of flooding and also for the flood-safe development of settlement areas.

RIOCOM created a digital terrain model in hydro_as-2d. Afterwards, RIOCOM performed 2D hydraulic flood discharge simulations. The results were used to define the hazard zones. The final results were presented to the communities.

Competence Area

Flood Protection


River Surveying, Creation of a digital terrain model , 2D hydraulic flood discharge modeling, runoff modeling, hazard zone planning

Contracting Purchaser

Office of Styrian Government – Department A14

In collaboration with

Geodesist DI Wolfgang Höppl, Graz


7 communities in Styria located along the Mur River: Proleb, Niklasdorf, Bruck an der Mur, Pernegg, Frohnleiten, Peggau, Deutschfeistritz


February 2018 until June 2019