The EU flood directive requires to create flood risk management plans for potential risk areas until 2015. In Styria, 55 risk areas were defined.

In cooperation with all affected technical fields, administration entities and affected bodies, the needs of the risk areas were analyzed. The necessary measures to reduce the risk of floods were defined in the flood risk management plans. For each risk, maps for the flood risk and an overview about measures that must be set in the future are available.
RIOCOM conducted the process support and coordinated the creation of the plans by different experts.

RIOCOM created flood risk management plans for the risk areas in Graz.


Competence Area

Risk Management


Project management, process support, coordination, participation, plan creation

Contracting Purchaser

Regional Government of Styria, Department 14
Water Management, Resources and Sustainability

In collaboration with

Municipalities in the risk areas, districts and state offices, coordination of seven engineering offices




2014 to 2016