Finalisation and handover

Thanks to the special disaster control plans drawn up by RIOCOM for a Danube flood, ten communities in the Marchfeld now know how to optimally prepare themselves for residual risk events (e.g. dam breaches) at the Marchfeldschutzdamm.

In the course of the project, 50 dam burst scenarios were simulated using the innovative modeling software Visdom. These are numerical, 2-dimensional runoff simulations to identify possible floodplains. The excellent visualization options provided by Visdom not only made it possible to clearly visualize the spread of flooding that is important for emergency measures, but also to check the effectiveness of emergency measures themselves.

Several community-level work meetings developed appropriate preparedness and defense measures for each community based on the hazard analysis. A significant part of the work was taken by the cross-community, district-wide consideration, where above all organizational measures had to be considered.

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