RIOCOM cooperates with Rosenbauer

The cooperation between RIOCOM and Rosenbauer, the world market leader in fire service technology, already started several years ago. Now it has been taken to a new level. Since autumn 2016, RIOCOM is working on the extension of a flood protection plan for a district town in Lower Austria. As a next step, we adapt the documents for the use in EMEREC.

What is EMEREC?
EMEREC is the mobile operation support system of Rosenbauer. EMEREC supports the authorities and action forces in the crisis management. So far, EMEREC contains information that is needed for technical operations and fire control.

EMEREC & Flooding
Now, RIOCOM and Rosenbauer are working closely together to implement a flood module in EMEREC. The heart of this information system includes

  • checklists of measures, and
  • illustrative maps of historical and simulated flood hazard situations that are quickly available.

RIOCOM provides technical inputs for the visualisation of flood areas, water depths and flow velocities.

For whom is this tool designed for?
RIOCOM and Rosenbauer want to create an effective tool for fire brigades, municipalities, associations, district authorities and all other actors involved in civil protection in order to support them in the best possible way. By conducting test applications as in this project, the software system is optimally adjusted to the needs of the user.