We inform… #communication

The results of our work are often of great interest to the concerned public – especially when it comes to flood protection, risk management or civil protection. That is why it is important to us to always integrate public relations into our work.
This could be done, for example, in the ongoing project “Sachprogramm Grazer Bäche”. On behalf of the Styrian Provincial Government – Department 14 Water Management, Resources and Sustainability – in cooperation with the city of Graz – Department of Green Space and Water, we have prepared the content for the flyer on flood protection for the City of Graz.  The graphic processing was done by achtzigzehn – Agency of Marketing and Sales GmbH.

The flyer “Sachprogramm Grazer Bäche” informs about flood protection in the city of Graz. In addition to a concise description of the project, details on the already implemented and planned construction measures are discussed. Through the lucid graphical presentation, comprehensive content can be conveyed clearly and understandably.

Further examples on information material for public relations:

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