Take part in the online survey on the Danube Island!

The Danube Island is a valuable ecosystem und Vienna´s largest recreation area. However, climate change is afflicting the island´s vegetation and wildlife and increasing the required maintenance effort.

The EU project LIFE DICCA, which is carried out by the City of Vienna – Water Management since the end of 2018, aims to counteract the negative effects of climate change on the Danube Island.

To achieve this aim, numerous measures such as a sustainable mowing concept, the revitalization of pond biotopes, new meadow orchards, a climate-friendly ditch irrigation system, green seating elements for visitors, the management of visitor flows, information work and much more are carried out.

RIOCOM was commissioned by the City of Vienna – Water Management to carry out a socio-economic study that assesses the effects of the EU project LIFE DICCA on the users of the Danube Island. The work is carried out in cooperation with blattfisch and with the involvement of an expert in the field of socioeconomics.

The study examines the general attitude towards the Danube Island, the awareness of climate change and possible conflicts of use on the Danube Island, as well as the level of awareness of the EU project LIFEDICCA and its economic effects. Two survey periods are planned, one at the beginning of implementing the measures and one at the end of the project.

Since the measures against the spread of COVID-19 have been affecting our entire lives since March, the 2020 season could not be used as a representative period for a survey. This year, an online survey with a special focus on the importance of the Danube Island in times of Corona will be carried out.

Until the end of October 2020, visitors to the Danube Island are still invited to take part in the online survey!